Fierce Ruling Diva released their first 12" in 1989 as they founded Lower East Side Records. Best known FRD songs are "You Gotta Believe (Atomic Slide)", "Rubb It In" and their live CD "Live at Multigroove". And while others were busy remixing their songs, FRD was busy playing around with other styles under different aliases. They never stopped performing, live as well as DJ sets. Fierce Ruling Diva
After 12 successful years of producing behind the scenes for well known artists such as DJ Quicksilver, Tomasso de Donatis, Rank 1, ATB, 4 Strings & Jan Löchel, German producers Reinländer and Simons now present their debut single under their very own names. Collaborating with talented singer/songwriter Sabrina, they create an exiting new chapter in their musical careers. Reinlaender & Simons & Sabrina
The Party Animals are true heroes of the live circuit. Since their debut single "Have You Ever Been Mellow" the group performed over 1000 shows. Their three first singles all reached the #1 status in the Dutch singles charts, while their hardcore remixes were played at every harder style rave. The Party Animals' line-up constantly changes, currently: Martijn, Jan, Kelvin & EB. Party Animals
As Lower East Side Records' label managers, this Dutch - American musical duo is responsible for many (Happy) Hardcore classics such as the famous remix of Technohead's "I Wanna Be A Hippy" as well as many other songs releaased under their many aliases. They often work together with guest vocalists as MC Remsy (ex-Party Animal) and MC Lynx (currently with 4Sinners). Flamman & Abraxas
With his debut single “Holiday”, Patrick managed to reach the Dutch singles charts top 10 without any outside marketing and support by radio or TV . As undisputed authority when it comes to Jump-Tutorials, a DVD was the obvious next step: ”Jumpen Doe Je Zo!” (”Jump: How-To!”) was released in the Dutch, French and German territories and sold over 80.000 copies. Patrick Jumpen
Axel E Rator starts producing music inspired by the first house music. Then suddenly Housemusic enters Holland. Axel finishes his first record in 1991 produced with Jeroen Flamman of Fierce Ruling Diva and tours the world performing live House. 20 years have gone by and Axel never stopped doing the thing he loves most: producing music - meant to kick, shout, push but not hurt. Axel E Rator
4Sinners' music is mostly influenced by Club House, Dirty House, Hardcore, Techno, Hip-Hop, soul, R&B, reggae, dubstep.. Put these styles together and you get 4SINNERS RAW HOUSE Music sound. They share one goal, makin' MUSIC and that love of music brought them together. Performing is what they like best. 4Sinners says it all: music for all the sinners in the world. 4Sinners
The Hangouts are more than a Punk group performing live and writing songs. They're very active on the local scene where they're a household name. They have no interest in actively persuing airplay, cd sales or high profile gigs - but would like to play more outside Holland. They produced one album and an E.P. for Lower East Side Records' sublabel P.O.M.P. The Hangouts